An original concept, unique boutique atmospheres that need to be discovered!

We invite a bit of poetry, sophistication and charm when you pass through the Saoya doors.
The popular display cases call out to our customers and are created in a spirit that is forged from creativity and originality.

A cosy atmosphere, a sought after décor, attentive staff… all the elements are present for enjoying a privileged experience.
Wood, bricks, and forged iron enliven an intimate and charming décor.
Each piece of jewellery has a soft radiance that pays homage to femininity. This helps you to unveil a little, or even reveal.
We let these pieces win you over through emotion: each one recounts a story, an adventure.

The Saoya charm is equally comprised of these surprises: our personalized mini carrying cases as personalized gifts, silk purses and coloured chiffons, but accessories as well: jewellery racks and decorative chests that combine forged iron and Plexiglas.

Find the SAOYA spirit for yourself by exploring our offers on our site or in our stores!


When the poetry of flowers, takes the form of jewellery.



Each collection more original than the previous, they are the product of an imagination without limits...


An original concept,
unique boutique atmospheres
to be discovered !


The jewellery

Unparalleled know-how
Unique jewellery collections