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1. The general terms and conditions are aimed at defining the rights and obligations of all parties within the utilization framework of this site and the online services of SAOYA.

Intellectual property

2. The intellectual property rights pertaining to the site belong to the company SAOYA. All use, reproduction, distribution, commercialization, modifications to any part of the site, without the express consent and written authorization of SAOYA is prohibited and may result in legal actions or pursuits

User’s rights and obligations

3. The site and services available on are not intended for commercial use.
4. The User acknowledges that they have the skill and means required to use this site.
5. The User acknowledges having verified that their computer configuration does not contain any viruses and that it is in perfect working order.
6. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and their password, computer access restrictions, and within the limits of what is authorized by the law, all activities that have been managed from their account with their password. In the case of suspicious or fraudulent activity of an account, the User must inform SAOYA as soon as possible by means of post, telephone, or email.

SAOYA's rights and obligations

7. SAOYA takes all possible measures to offer its users information or tools that are available and correct, but cannot be held responsible for errors, the unavailability of certain functions, or the presence of a virus on its site.
8. SAOYA reserves the right to revise, delete, modify, validate or change, any or all content sent to the website or posted on the site, including the general terms and conditions of use, general terms and conditions of sales, and terms of privacy and cookie management. In the case of litigation, only the general terms and conditions applicable at the time of contract agreement will be valid.

User’s rights regarding personal data usage

9. In accordance with the provisions of French law dated 6 January 1978 and 6 August 2004, related to Information Technology, Files and Civil Liberties, the automated processing of personal data carried out using this website is subject to a declaration to the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority), under the number 1773148, dated 12 June 2014.
10. SAOYA, responsible party of data processing, makes all efforts to process personal data with the main purpose of managing User registration on the website and managing orders.
11. Users are entitled to access, question and modify their personal data allowing them, when appropriate, to correct, complete, update, lock or erase personal data that appears to be incorrect, incomplete, vague, out of date and where which the use, communication or retention is forbidden. The User may access their information and modify or delete it in the “My account” section of the website.
12. The User also has the right to block the commercial or marketing use of their data provided a legitimate motive.
13. All these rights can be exercised with SAOYA by post, containing a copy of identification including a signature addressed to the following address:
12 rue de la République


What is a cookie?

14. As a person visits the website, SAOYA installs cookies onto the local hard drive of the User. Cookies are data used by a web server to send information regarding the status of a User’s browser and relay this information to the original web server. They stay active on your local hard drive for a duration of 20 days.
15. Status information could be, for example, a session ID, an expiration date, a response domain, etc. This status information could be stored by the web browser in diverse ways (a distinct text file for each cookie, a unique file containing all cookies, possible encryption of this unique file, etc.) or may not be stored at all: this depends on the type of web browser, its version, its configuration, etc.

What is a sharing link?

16. A sharing link is a type of cookie that allows a User to share content of the SAOYA website easily with different social media platforms. It allows tracking of a User’s activity to determine whether or not they use these platforms. In order to preserve confidentiality of your personal data, SAOYA has integrated a tool which prevents the installation of these types of cookies without your consent.

What are cookies used for?

17. Cookies used by the site have the exclusive purpose of:
- promoting proper function of the site,
- contributing to the service security demanded by the User,
- allowing or facilitating communication through electronic channels,
- providing the service demanded by the User,
- managing the online shopping cart,
- measuring visitor traffic on the website.
In this last case, the cookies used are limited to anonymous statistics used by the SAOYA website and their services, and do not allow for the identification of individuals. SAOYA agrees not to corroborate this data with other data processes.

How do you refuse cookies measuring website traffic?

18. If you wish to refuse the installation of traffic measuring cookies, click here . 

How do you refuse cookies?

19. 19.    In any case, the configuration of browser software makes it possible to notify a User if cookies are present and eventually refuse them. Most browsers have default settings that accept the installation of cookies. However, you have the possibility, if you wish, to deactivate the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser.
The procedure may be different depending on the browser used. Generally, this setting is found under the tabs “Tools”, “Settings”, or “Internet options”. It is not possible to confirm information that is detailed and up to date as the setting options are under the exclusive control and authority of the editors of the browser software.
For any inquiries, Users have additional information available:  
- from the editors of the browser software on their website;
- in a more general manner on the CNIL website at the address by using the keyword “cookies” in their search engine.

By setting your browser to refuse all cookies and other tracking software that is necessary for the proper functioning of the site, some features, pages, and areas of the site will not be accessible.

Hypertext links

20. Hypertext links on the website lead to partners of SAOYA that have been previously and expressly granted authorization.
21. SAOYA assumes no responsibility for the consequences of clicking these hyperlinks and the content present on these sites.
22. The User may not integrate a hyperlink that leads to this site without the prior and express consent of SAOYA.
23. In such case, hypertext links leading to the website should be removed upon the first request made by SAOYA.

Applicable law

24. French law is applicable to both jurisdictional rules and substantive issues.


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