• cristal


    A beautiful winter! Brilliant and slender, Cristal seduces with its contemporary allure featuring affirming lines, long and draping earrings, and precious lace woven from serpentine mesh. For celebrations, make your style known and stand out!

  • collection Saoya tindaya


    Solar beauty beaming from a radiant collection! Tindaya plays the elegance card with its warm tones and luminous blue cobalt or yellow orange blossom. Brilliant and original lines shape these fine pieces of jewellery and bring out the mesmerizing white water pearls.

  • Collection Saoya Natii

    A collection to celebrate ! To commemorate 25 years of exquisite jewelry creations, Saoya puts forth its emblematic mark, the natural rose. Discover this treasure within the Natii collection, scattered with roses, coralline pearls and golden grains.



    Passion and elegance ! Discover the superb Hindie collection offered in a sparkling, ruby red. A lasting and intense representation of what colours can achieve.

  • Clair obscur argent


    Contrasts assert themselves in this brilliant collection where light and strokes form a tantalizing duo. A game of strokes, Clear and Obscure, jewellery like no other…

  • collection saoya pashmina


    The Pashmina collection is inspired from precious linens as soft as cashmere. Within these pieces of jewellery you will find noble and ancient designs: Stylish foliage on thin mesh, small woven flowers with gracious curves and sprinkles of colours, blue facetted pearls… It’s all part of a secret, feminine language!

  • Rivage-New


    The Rivage collection will enchant you with its delicate long necklaces and its finely detailed earrings that don brilliant stones and lagoon pearls that seem to imitate that fresh water color. It’s ajewellery lover’s dream!

  • émerald lizzie


    Fine, audacious Lizzie. A trendy collection that delicately glimmers: You’ll love her light, netted links of crystals, her chiseled diamonds place on rings or her shocking earrings. It’s all part of a brilliant ensemble that shines with this exceptional jewellery!

  • pépita  saoya collection


    An immense charm emanates from this wonderful collection! From red fruits to a yellow sun, Pepita plays with a myriad of colours, blended with its precious bouquets of tiny roses. An enticing temptation!

  •  Saoya Lys collection


    You are going to love the precious pieces of jewellery present in the Lys collection. With reflects of amber and garnet, stylish pendants, rings in elegant ovals, the dreams of ancient royalty, and a thousand stones incrusted to resemble little mirror images, you will be put under a magical spell!

  • collection Saoya Lioba turquoise



    Stylish and fresh, the Lioba collection recalls the Art Nouveau style and its delicate Japanese undertones. Soft cherry flowers carried in amulets or embroidered in large circles of foliage, fragile drops of water and long beaded necklaces. All the beauty and poetry of flowers revealed to you in the form of jewellery!

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25 years of history

Rose necklaces and flower bracelets, this was the initial vision of Andreline, the creator and designer of Saoya jewellery.

This initial desire gave birth to the brand which first opened its doors in 1991. Saoya designs unique jewellery created with genuine roses from nature.


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A cosy atmosphere, a sought after décor, attentive staff… all the elements are present for enjoying a privileged experience.



Each collection more original than the previous, they are the product of an imagination without limits. Each piece of jewellery draws inspiration from nature and the cultural wealth of the world and sometimes takes an antique form.

Andreline harmoniously fuses stones, beads, crystals, molten glass, enamel, pearls and genuine flowers into one-of-a-kind works of art.